Digital Marketing Evaluation Reports

Evaluate performance and uncover key insights to optimise for online success with our digital marketing evaluation reports.

The purpose of our evaluation reports is to identify potential digital marketing improvements and make recommendations for how to increase online exposure.

Digital Marketing Evaluation Reports

Benchmarking Reports Digital Marketing Consultancy

Benchmarking Report

Benchmarking is the process that compares your data with industry data from other companies. It will help uncover how your competitors are reacting to your market including the messages they are sending out, how often they post and hoe they interact with their customers.

You will gain insights into trends occurring in your market and how well you are positioned, in comparison to others, to capture new leads from your digital marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Strategy
SEO Analysis

SEO analysis will help identify how well your website has been configured for search engines. We will research your market establishing how your customers are searching for your products or services. Using the top search terms, we will establish how search engines are ranking your business compared to your competitors and then evaluate how configurations could be modified to increase your exposure.

In addition to SEO analysis, we will test the website speed, images and video content as these are significant contributors to search engine ranking criteria.

Digital Marketing Consultant Marketing Analysis
Website Review Design and Development

Evaluation and Analysis
Website Review

Going hand in hand with an SEO review a website review will evaluate how well your website has been configured for your customers and potential customers. From the first time a customer lands on your website what impression do they get? How easy is it to find their area of interest. How long do they spend on the website? Have you answered their questions?

A website review will provide business owners with an insight into how other companies, in the same market, are portraying their products or services to capture the interest of their customers.

End User Testing

This is a hugely important area that could dramatically affect digital marketing success or failure. Initially, we need to understand what percentage of your customers use desktop, tablet or mobiles when viewing your website. If mobile usage is only 10% of all website views can you afford to ignore 10% of your potential market share. In reality mobile and tablet usage is likely to contribute to at least 50% of your website views.

Using modern design techniques there is absolutely no reason why a mobile or tablet view of your website needs to be the same as your desktop views. Simple design tweaks for mobile views can massively affect the time a user spends on your website.

Digital Marketing Consultant Marketing Analysis
Digital Marketing Services Social Media

Social Media Review

We find that many businesses struggle with social media. Some of the standard questions we are asked include, how often do post, what do we post, can we schedule posts, can we automate our processes to save time? We can help answer all those questions.

Initially, we need to ensure that your brand is consistent throughout all your social media channels. We research your market to compare your social media posting to some of the most successful social media marketeers in your industry. We report on the frequency, content and interaction of those posts and provide advice on the type of content that engages with your customers.

Full Digital Marketing Evaluation Report

Digital marketing is not easy as it requires joined up thinking and a clear strategy. A good example of joined up thinking is website and SEO. If an investment is allocated to SEO without considering the way customers react to your website it’s a waste of money, time and effort. Why try to increase the amount of people that land on your website only to lose them because their website experience was bad.

The advantage of a full digital marketing evaluation report is the exact opposite of the above scenario. We help businesses create a digital marketing strategy that takes an exploded view of their online services.

Digital Marketing Consultant Marketing Analysis

Our Digital Marketing Consultancy Services

Startups Evaluation
From £99

Planning to launch a new business or having recently established one with or without a website?

Website Evaluation
From £149

Our website is not generating the desired number of referrals, is outdated, and requires improvements.

Social Media Evaluation
From £69

Do you need assistance in setting up your channels or utilising social media more efficiently?

Rankings Evaluation
From £199

Our website is not appearing in search engine results, or could benefit from optimisation.

Automation Evaluation
From £49

Digital marketing is consuming an excessive amount of our time with minimal returns.

Media Evaluation
From £59

We are striving to provide our customers with a more engaging and comprehensive experience.