A website refresh could make a significant difference to your business.

Our bespoke website refresh brings life back to your tired looking website. Using the latest website design tools, we build modern fresh looking websites creating a great end-user experience. The days of heavy text driven home pages are gone replaced by slick snippets of information surrounded by images and call to actions encouraging engagement with potential customers.

Modern Design

Do you have resource on your website that provides invaluable information to your clients such as PDF’s or white papers? Using clever design, blogs and social media this resource can be placed at your client’s fingertips rather than buried among a raft of less important information. A bespoke website refresh will gather the good stuff and present it on the home page greatly increasing the engagement with quality content.


Another by-product of a bespoke website refresh is Google recognition. Every blog post, every image, every video, every piece of content should be contributing towards Google rankings. Our bespoke website refresh creates solid foundations from which existing and new content will overtime help your business climb above your competition.

Social Media

Close integration between website and social media is becoming ever more important. However, it needs to be configured correctly as too much activity on your social media channels dilutes the power of up-selling and cross selling your products and services. Social media is great but it has many distractions which will lead your customer away from your business. A website however is all about you and your business offering a far greater opportunity to up-sell.


Over time websites become saturated with unnecessary content and images which has a significant impact on website performance. We find that many websites are full of high resolution images heavily reducing website load times and overall performance. As part of a website refresh we will optimise images and videos and potentially remove unnecessary files and content.


We all use social media to post to our community but is it the right thing to do? In some cases, posting to social media is effective but there are several reasons why it is better to blog directly from your website. Read our Why blog on your Website post.

If your website is looking a little tired contact Boonwag today for a bespoke website refresh quotation.

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