Why use video for social media?

Video for Social Media?

Social Media video is booming and will continue to grow, as a society we spend hours browsing social media content so it’s vital to have a strategy for social media video. Video is an important part of online marketing providing a great way to show off products and services. It is far easier to get a message across via video than it is with written content, 60 seconds of video is worth a thousand words. All businesses should be considering using video for social media.

It is a fact that social media is increasingly moving towards video marketing. Online video is an engaging form of social media content with millions of users watching and sharing media content every minute. All of the social channels from Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest use media to promoted online media content. It is a fact that 2016 will continue to see a steady growth in video marketing to such an extent that video marketing will take over as the main social media content.


We believe that video is the single most important online content in marketing today.

The statistics show that over half a billion people are watching video on social media everyday. An engaging video post will be shared again and again.

At Boonwag we provide small to medium businesses with the same media marketing opportunities as the larger corporate organisations providing quality cost-effective media content solutions.

We develop cost-effective video content that connects with your audience. Our work includes animated storyboards, product demos, corporate videos, exhibition and conference media and online training all supporting a variety of media platforms. We use the latest production software to deliver high-end cost effective productions.

We help business develop video marketing strategies as no matter what the business is selling video is by far the best way to get the message across. Furthermore, we develop websites that automatically push media content out from the website to all major social media networks. By automating this process we save businesses hours of time spent duplicating content on each social network.

View our video showcase to see how we can help your business.

Video Case Study


If you would like to find out more about our media solutions visit our website or contact us.

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