Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There is no doubt that SEO is a complex subject. For a website to improve in SERP’s (search engine rank positions) it is a long steady effort to improve the content, structure and general quality of the website.

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Good SEO starts with the ability to implement it!

We provide our clients with sound advice on how best to maximise the potential of being Google friendly.

We put an online strategy plan together with our clients which clearly allocates resource to each task. There is a huge amount of wasted effort in online marketing. By this, we mean that content including text, images, video and downloads are constantly being added to a website without planning or understanding.

As part of our SEO service, we guide our clients through the do’s and don’ts. Each new piece of content should contribute towards the overall SEO strategy.

How we approach SEO

No matter what size of business there is a need to generate more referrals in a specific demographic area. Often, a business will want to generate more leads in the town the business is based. However, if a business wants to attract from a wider demographic area then there are many things to consider before embarking on an SEO project.

This stage is a key stage as it affects not just the configuration of SEO but the configuration of the website. We can advise on how best to construct your website to capitalise on Google rankings in multiple towns and counties.

Before we implement our SEO Services we first benchmark the status of the current website. This includes website visits, website hits, ranking position for keywords, social media activity (likes and followers), and inbound and outbound links. By benchmarking we ensure that everything we do from here on, is moving in the right direction. We believe in total transparency in our SEO services Horsham.

Before we start implementing our SEO services we first need to understand what we are up against. By performing competition research, we gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your competition. During this stage, we establish the different types of services the competition is utilising to assist with their SEO. From social media, video, external and internal links and content we analyse and assess the data.

Search engines have become extremely clever in the way they analyse search queries. In turn, the individuals performing the search are becoming far more descriptive than they ever have before.

As part of our keyword research, we establish the most common search terms and give them a priority over other less-effective search terms.

Now we know the keywords to use we can start to drop them into content whether its website content, blogs, images, video or social media content. We start to educate Google that these are the search terms we should be ranking for.

A website should be designed to complement the overall objective of an online marketing plan. The navigation needs to be consistent throughout and every piece of valuable content should be no more than 1-click away.

Depending on the overall objectives, SEO can be expensive. It is vital that a website receives as much attention to detail as SEO. The purpose of SEO is to drive potential clients to a website but what if a website just doesn’t live up to the expectation of potential clients. Maybe it’s too slow to load, not mobile friendly, hard to navigate or simply not provided the right information.

For example, It’s no different to advertising your house for sale and offering an open viewing day. On that day, you receive 30 viewings but didn’t plan for the day properly. You forgot to paint the walls, fix the guttering and tidy the garden.

It is imperative to maximise the potential of converting a website visitor to a client, otherwise, the investment in SEO is diluted.

Boonwag Digital Marketing ensures that every single piece of content whether it’s on the website, social media or YouTube is configured to maximise the potential of being found by a search engine. Search engines are extremely good at assessing the relevance of data but this is our opportunity to point the search engine in the right direction.

Search engines see a website as a long book full of tens of thousands of words, we create the indexing, the chapters and the page numbers to ease the navigation to particular articles.

Business owners will probably know of several companies that they have or would like to build relationships with. The reason they want to build these relationships is that it benefits the business. Internal and external links from a website work in exactly the same way. We help to find natural links to other businesses, articles and media content that will benefit the business. Over time these links build up increasing the overall online search engine perception of a business.

We provide total transparency for our SEO services. We track the results of our SEO efforts by monitor the way the search engine reacts. Our objective is to tweak, update and amend both website content and SEO configuration to improve the ranking position for individual keywords.

Furthermore, it provides our clients with a month by month bird’s eye view of the overall SEO service outcome. Historically, so-called SEO experts have taken good money from clients and never actually delivered results. That is not the case with Boonwag Digital Marketing.

Our tracking report documents the ranking position for all targeted keywords, clearly displaying successful and unsuccessful rankings. Unless we are made aware of unsuccessful SEO configurations how can we rectify the problem? We encourage this level of transparency as ultimately, we work for you. If there is a weakness let’s find it and put a plan in place to rectify it.

Once a business invests in our SEO services we need to monitor how successful the investment has been. We understand that a business owner is always looking for a return on investment (ROI). Following SEO investment the expectation is to see an increase in sales and general online engagement with the business. If the business turnover increases then the SEO investment has been worthwhile.


As we are not always privileged to see the business accounts we monitor the actual visits, hits and actions taken on a website.

Standard analytics, that most digital marketing agencies deploy, is great for basic data analysis such as traffic volumes. This data can help determine whether there has been a general uplift in traffic as a result of SEO investment.

Our advanced analytics configuration provides a far more in-depth understanding of user interaction with the website.

Why is this important?

As part of our SEO services, we install advanced analytics to track events using triggers. A trigger can be assigned to a page, a button, a form or a link. This enables us to track the user’s journey through the website. For example, we can track how many users have watched a video or how many users have entered a certain page but left the website shortly after. Upon analysis of this valuable information, we can start to modify the website based on the user’s journey. Ultimately, we are attempting to create the best possible end-user experience on all devices.