We take the confusion out of website design by creating bespoke websites that deliver results. We know what works and more importantly what doesn’t work. If you have a business in Billingshurst with a Boonwag website you will hit the ground running. We integrate with social media channels, capitalising on all content, to maximise the exposure of the website and improving Google rankings.

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Website Design Billingshurst

Before we make any suggestions on design we first get to know your market. We analyse the competition by conducting research and present you with the results. To do it better that the completion means that we first need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the top websites in your market.

Digital Marketing Billingshurst

Although we specialise in online solutions for small to medium businesses no job is too big for Boonwag Digital Marketing. We have a long list of happy customers throughout Sussex and Surrey.

Our websites not only look beautiful but they are designed to offer the best possible outcome while maintaining an easy to use and pleasant customer experience.

Boonwag Web Design Sussex

We speak your language

We cut through the jargon and speak your language so you fully understand the options available to you. We always prefer to meet face to face with our clients to discuss the primary purpose of the website, the goals and the functionality required. We share our experiences, knowledge and advice meaning that we won’t recreate the wheel if there is a simple solution to a problem.

If you run a business in Billingshurst and need more traffic, sales or improved Google rankings we would be delighted to help you.

Built just for you

By understanding your business your aims and focus we create a website that delivers results.

Every website is unique, we do not use templates. Instead, we start from the ground up ensuring that the ethos of the business we are designing for shines through.

Great website design is not just about looking good it’s about optimising a website to perform at its absolute best.

Boonwag Website Design Billingshurst

Website Design Billingshurst – Our Approach

The first stage of our website design Billingshurst service is basic research into the business and the competition. It helps us to understand the market and the types of online material the industry is using.

The devil is in the detail. All businesses have competitors; it is our job to research those competitors. We look at those direct competitors in Billingshurst but also further afield in Sussex and Surrey. We analyse not just their website but their overall online marketing presence.

  • Who are they linking to on the website?
  • Who is linking to their website?
  • Content review (text, images and videos)
  • Functionality review
  • Overall search engine dominance
  • What social media channels are they using?
  • How often are they updating social media?
  • What type of content are they sharing on Social Media
Before we embark on any form of website design or web development we first need to understand the ethos of the business. Every business is unique, that’s why we create bespoke websites. Every website should be as unique as the company.

Based in Sussex, we meet with our clients face to face to document the overall objectives of the website. At this early stage, we listen! Once we have a good understanding of the business and its digital marketing goals, we start to present ideas and concepts. We discuss the latest trends, techniques and functionality available to fulfil the objectives.

Often, a client will show us examples of websites that they like. As we are creating a bespoke website, we are not dictated by fixed layouts. In addition to offering our expertise in website design, we can implement functionality from multiple existing sites, creating an original, unique website for our clients.

It is important in the early stages to set expectations. We often find that business owners assume that by simply having a website they will appear at the top of search engines. Of course, top listings are possible. However, website design and advanced SEO are two separate projects.

Wouldn’t it be nice for all of us if we had unlimited funds to allocate to digital marketing? Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. At Boonwag Digital Marketing we plan for the growth and development of a website from the outset. Even the smallest of sites can easily be developed to incorporate new functionality, reach new audiences and integrate with other digital marketing systems.

Therefore, we listen to the overall objectives of online marketing. We want to understand the best scenario, even if it’s world domination. For example, we may identify that the business would like multiple website videos, eCommerce website, payment gateways or a membership website. There is also a requirement to promote the site not just in Billingshurst but numerous, towns and counties across the UK.

Now that we understand the best-case scenario we can configure the website in readiness for expansion, taking baby steps towards the ultimate goal. We break the project down into bite-size chunks enabling drip-fed funding.

For all our website design Billingshurst projects, we create a website specification document taking the form of a quotation. It details all work to be carried out and outlines the website functionality, as agreed.
If a client has already purchased a domain name and hosting, we can start to configure the environment of the new website. We can provide domain and hosting services via our third-party supplier. We have worked with them for many years and have direct contact to resolve any problems.

We create the development website on the Boonwag server. We send our clients a secure URL to access the site throughout the stages of development.

At this stage, we ask the client to forward any website content they have such as text, images, logos and videos.

We work with content writers, graphic designers and photographers supporting with any new content required for the website.

Depending on the complexity of the website we share a wireframe document with our clients. The wireframes function is to provide an exploded diagram of the website outlining the menu structure. At this stage, we explore the customer journey through the website assessing how many clicks a website visitor needs to perform to get to any one piece of information.

We consider the customer journey on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Throughout the entire design process, we keep in mind that this is not our website. We are creating a website for a client who has an ultimate say in anything we do. We see it as our job to offer advice on the design using our years of experience in web design.

Before uploading all content, we seek feedback from the client including, colour schemes, fonts, images and layout.

Over the coming days, weeks or months we notify the client of updates. We work as a team reviewing the website development, performing any tweaks as required by the customer.

For a website to be successful, regarding attracting visitors, it needs to be fast and stays fast. We deploy tried and tested third-party plugins to optimise our websites for maximum performance. We implement security and spamming prevention software and configure daily, weekly or monthly backups depending on the size and functionality of the website.

We take performance seriously as search engines are using performance as a ranking factor.

The day has arrived. We agree and sign-off the website, backup and deploy in the live environment. If we are replacing an existing website, we consider redirection of old URL’s to the new website ensuring that we redirect old references found in search engines to the relevant location on the new website.

We notify search engines of the new website and wait for it to be indexed and found in the search listings in Billingshurst and any other town or county as outlined the website specification.

We understand that in life it’s hard to get it right first time. As part of our website design Billingshurst service, we support our clients for 60 days after going live with minor tweaks and amendments providing the requests are covered in the initial website specification.
During the website development project, we build strong, lasting relationships with our clients. We meet regularly to discuss the performance of the website and new functionality that could be added to enhance the overall customer experience.

We often say that when a website goes live is just the beginning of the journey. It’s no different to buying a house. It’s only when you live in the house that you start to create a home, that you feel comfortable in relaxed in.

So how do we know if our website visitors are feeling comfortable and relaxed on the website? Simple, we deploy website analytics to monitor the activity and the customer journey.

Standard analytics, which most digital marketing agencies deploy, is perfect for primary data analysis such as traffic volumes. This data can help determine whether there has been a general uplift in traffic as a result of SEO investment.

Our advanced analytics configuration provides a far more in-depth understanding of user interaction with the website.

Why is this important?

For all of our website design Billingshurst projects we offer advanced analytics, we install and track events using triggers. A trigger can be assigned to a page, a button, a form or a link. Triggers enable tracking of the user journey through the website. For example, we can track how many users have watched a video or how many users have entered a particular page but left the website shortly after. Upon analysis of this valuable information, we can start to modify the site based on the user’s journey. Ultimately, we are attempting to create the best possible end-user experience on all devices.

First class support

We offer support services to keep your website agile, up-to-date and optimised. We use tried and tested software to help ensure that your website remains secure, spam free and fast. We install software to help with the day to day administration of the website such as image optimisation. For example, a photographer can upload original size photographs which are automatically compressed to small file sizes without loss of quality.

It’s our attention to detail that sets us apart from our competition.

  • Additional Pages
  • Gallery
  • Google Maps
  • Blog
  • Members Area
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Polls & Quizzes
  • One off Purchases
  • E-Commerce
  • Payment Gateways
  • Quotation Builders
  • Downloadable Documents
  • Portfolios
  • Sliders
  • Automated Blog Posting
  • Event Management
  • Online Bookings
  • Slideshows
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Online Chat
  • and much more

Our Fabulous Clients

Fresh Traditions – Jeanette Mercer

“As an interior designer, I’m picky about colour and design. As a former language trainer I’m also picky about words – so Paul certainly had his work cut out to create a new website for me! He coped superbly, from joining in with my more ‘creative’ suggestions on how I wanted the site to look, to providing the technical expertise to ensure the site functions well. I was delighted when we launched the new site, and a year on, I still am.”

Horsham, West Sussex

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We are continually looking at ROI for our SEO Services. We have supported many businesses in Sussex and throughout the UK with our SEO Services and have some great case studies to share with you. If you would like further information on our SEO services Billingshurst please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Most, if not all, businesses are using Social Media but how many are truly generating traction from their efforts? At Boonwag Digital Marketing we support business in Billingshurst and throughout the UK to maximise their investment in Social Media. If you are looking for Social Media Services support in the UK we can help.



There are many advantages of using video as part of your online marketing. Video helps to explain services or demo products and hugely contributes towards Search engine rankings. We have supported many businesses in Billingshurst and throughout Sussex and Surrey with our video services including animated storyboards, event promotions and video explainers.